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March 22

Lunch at Gattopardo

I’ve had great difficulty penning this review and, if I may be honest, I’ve re-written the opening paragraph more than once. The reason for this is simple; whilst I try to be as positive as I can, I also try to deliver a balanced review by noting my criticisms. However, when a dining experience is as […]

March 19

Dinner at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante was the second restaurant we went to as part of Singapore’s restaurant week, the first of which was Taratata Bistro (review coming soon). Alkaff Mansion serves Italian cuisine in what I regard as being one of the finest dining environments I have had the opportunity to experience. Let’s be clear, that’s a […]

February 09

Dinner at Ravello

Jo and I are always in the hunt for a good Italian place and Sunday was no exception. We had noticed Ravello springing up in Serangoon Gardens a couple of months back but did not pay it much attention at the time. For one, the restaurant was completely empty on the two occasions we passed […]

October 15


After the winery tour, we headed down to Florence (actually we landed there on the first day but did not get to spend much time in town). Some of my photos would be time-stamped as 14 October 2013 – and that is correct – because I shot them when we landed. Otherwise, I only really […]

September 28

Dinner at Pepperoni’s

A trusted favourite for casual Italian dining. Their wood-fire pizzas are awesome but you should also try their pastas. In particular I would recommend the squid ink.

September 16

Dinner at Pietrasanta

Ristorante Pietrasanta, located at Porstdown Road, is an Italian restaurant in Singapore of notable pedigree. Given the sheer number of Italian/French restaurants which have opened here (and sometimes rather quickly closed) in the past decade, the fact that Pietrasanta has an avid following and has continued to go strong is a testament to the quality of […]